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Wish List / Donated Items
Wish List:  October 19, 2013
This is just the beginning of the “Wish List” – to be updated weekly. If you can donate or contact someone to donate, or assist us in obtaining any of the items at cost or discount, please contact either Phil Moir phil.moir@denvercurlingclub.com or Pam Finch  pam.finch@denvercurlingclub.com
Building and Flooring
v Floor Tile - Donated
v Rubber Tile product (walkway around ice area)
v Wall Tile – restrooms - Donated
v Floor Sealer - Donated
v Doors and Frames - Donated
v Door Handles
v Fire Extinguisher – Donated
v Landscape Architect – Donated
Ice Room – Need volunteers to make**
v Benches**
v Broom Racks**
v Hacks – convert to removable
v Mat for Ice Scraper Blade**
v Scoreboards**
v Rock mover -copper pipe**
v Sticky mats for entrance to ice
Pam has dimensions for **items
v Faucets (Low flow commercial grade)- Donated
v Sinks (Commercial restroom sinks- Donated
v Toilets (Low Flow commercial grade)- Donated
v Urinals- Donated
v Lighting
v Light Tubes - Donated
v Toilet accessories
o   Toilet Paper – Donated
o   Soap dispenser - Donated
o   Grab Bars - Donated
o   Mirrors - Donated
o   Toilet Partitions - Donated
v Millwork
v Paint
v Hand Dryers - Donated
Viewing Room – Kitchen Bar
v Camera’s over ice with monitors for each sheet ($30,000 value has been Donated – need labor to install the system
v Chairs
v Entrance mats
v 5 Mats for interior doors -  Donated
v Shoe washers
v Game Table(s) – Junior Men’s Team committed to finding tables
v Light Tubes - Donated
v Exit Lighting - Donated
v Tables
v Telephones - Donated
v TV- Large Screen- Donated
v Video Camera - Donated
v Wi-Fi Commercial Grade
v Coke Machine
v Popcorn Machine

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